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Jason is a Big fat poohead. ThunderTone, is something you will learn to understand as a form of art. No dirty messy paints involved or abstract visions without substance, just pure and raw music. We take pride in our choice of chords, notes and melodies. If you don't enjoy them, then you probably have a mental disease or something...(seek professional help).







News:(12 Feb 08)

Mid-term break is upon us and we are using it wisely to relax from the tough world of practising. although maybe you'll be happy to know that we are going to record this weekend (16-17 febuary) and will hopefully be able to produce not only better songs but also the same songs of better quality. Rejoice in our slpendour...

Songs to be recorded:

Pirate Song
The One
Voodoo Warrior
Still Life
Fast riff
Reggae Song



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